Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines

Want to increase profits, create a welcoming atmosphere or keep your employees happy and productive?

Check out our range of commercial coffee machines suitable for cafes, pubs, restaurants, food vans, convenience stores, serviced offices, reception areas, break rooms and more.

The Modern Coffee Drinker

Coffee has overtaken tea as the nation’s most popular drink, with Brits knocking back a total 95 million cups per day.

Coffee shop culture has swept the country and modern coffee drinkers pour frothy milky scorn on cheap freeze-dried instant coffee.

A new breed of high-tech commercial coffee machine satisfies peoples cravings for better coffee. And these commercial coffee machines are found in places they wouldn’t be found before. Whether it’s in the office, in a meeting room or in a high street convenience store, people can get a good coffee that they’re prepared to pay for.

The range includes automatic bean to cup coffee machines which can be made free-to-use, coin operated or token operated according to your requirements.

On this page you will also find traditional espresso machines in a range of sizes, plus hybrid, instant and in cup commercial coffee machines.

Why Coffee Seller?

With decades of collective industry experience, our sales team will help you choose the perfect coffee machine to suit your needs.

Coffee Seller is an official distributor for several leading coffee machine manufacturers including Jura, WMF, Bravilor, LaRhea, La Spaziale and more. We have a variety of purchasing options available, including the option to lease a commercial coffee machine or buy it outright.

We also stock a range of ingredients and accessories, giving you everything you need to entice customers with the perfect coffee experience.

In the unlikely event of a coffee machine fault, our team of engineers are ready to get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.