• Westomatic Primo Compact Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Westomatic Primo Compact Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Primo Compact Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is perfect for places with limited space as it is only 60cm tall. The easy-to-use machine is ideal for workplaces from hotels to retail stores to cafes. With the option of a customizable drink, you can adjust the machine to suit yours and your customers’ needs perfectly every time so you know they will always be happy. High quality, silky, frothy hot drinks are made every time at a speedy pace with the help of the speed function that helps avoid time-wasting and impatient customers and staff members.

The coffee machine includes step-by-step instructions on the screen to help with maintenance and cleaning – it is very low maintenance which makes it the perfect solution for a workplace that can have it’s staff helping keep it in check. The 7” touch screen is user-friendly so people can choose their drinks hassle-free every time! The 4l fresh milk cooler means you won’t need to refill too often.