Interchange Jura Giga Coffee


Coffee Seller was approached by Interchange Triangle in London to install 4 Jura Giga 3 Coffee machines. As a leading supplier of Jura products, we were only more than happy to help out!

A year down the line, we are extremely happy to say we are soon going to be heading back to London to install five more Jura Giga machines!

Interchange offers a place for start-up businesses to grow. Interchange boasts its own courtyard, ideally shaped to facilitate connectivity across the space.

his state of the art building is located in the heart of Camden's famed Stables Market. With its own restaurant, innovation lab, cafe, bar, and gym, the new age of employees have everything they could ever want. You can read more about Interchange here.

But back to the business of machines! As a leading supplier of Jura Coffee machines, we are more than confident in supplying you with a great quality machine. The Jura machines provide amazing freshly brewed coffee with fresh milk. If you would like to find out more about our Jura range you can view it here or call us on 01942 607 635!