It was the 10th century when the world came to know about a brewed drink named "coffee". As far as history goes, coffee is the native of Ethiopia but this is not the ultimate patent for coffee. Some other sources of history also say the monastery of Yemen in the 15th century was seen then it spread to Turkey, Persia, the horn of Africa and rest of the Middle East in the 16th century.

There's a lot of topics to be concerned about, why coffee? Just finish your breakfast and head towards the office. If you're feeling sleepy take few sips of coffee! No, don't think of coffee's ability is only limited to eliminate your sleep, coffee has a lot of health benefits if you drink it regularly to a decent volume.

Some of the health benefits of drinking coffee:

· Coffee can help you burn fat

· It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

· It can lower the risk of Parkinson's

· Coffee fights against the depression in you

· It lowers the risk of some certain types of cancers.

· Coffee increases the chance to live longer.


Commercial Coffee Machines

Use of coffee machine has vastly spread a few decades ago in Europe. A coffee machine is not only seen in a commercial place but also in places like homes, hospitals, offices - almost everywhere!

A coffee machine is considered as one of the finest gifts to present your loved ones with. As it already been mentioned, the coffee machine is an attractive gift to a lot of people, one can have a coffee machine on a rental or leasing basis, apart from the source of gifting or buying.


Because of the high demand for coffee on the market, there are so many companies who sell both brand new commercial coffee machines and used across the world. There are options for renting and leasing as well as purchasing outright. At Coffee Seller, we offer flexible payment options as well as finance for businesses so we can provide the most affordable options. There are so many different types of coffee machines available, such as espresso, barista, cappuccino, automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machine, filter coffee machine etc. 

Our wide range of coffee machines stretches from traditional barista machines to instant coffee machines to bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Best Brand of Commercial Coffee Machines 

· Jura Giga X3 Professional Coffee Machine

· Jura Giga X3C Professional Coffee Machine

· Jura Giga X8 Gen 2 - Speed Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine

Cost to Buy, Rent, Lease a Coffee Machine 

As far as the pricing for buying a brand new machine is concerned, it differs according to type, brand and model of a particular coffee machine.

According to different brand and model price start from £15 and ends up to as high as £1700.

For rent or lease, the price depends on the time frame, model, brand, type. Lease price starts from as low as £4 per day/week to £50 per week.

If you are considering either buying or leasing a commercial coffee machine for your business in the UK, call our experts for advice 0800 035 5584.