Convenient Coffee

Warm Welcome

Owning your own Convenience Store mean having reliable repeating customer and products.
Having a Coffee Machine encourages people to come into the shop and purchase a coffee to experience your new products.

Offer a New Range of Products

All our Coffee Machines at Absolute Drinks serve a range of different hot beverages, so as well as offering cold chilled drinks in the fridge you can now offer hot drinks straight from a Coffee Machine.

Provide a Coffee-To-Go Service

Coffee-to-go is perfect for customers who are in a dash to get a hot beverage whilst on their travels. Serving the perfect coffee with our Coffee-to-go Towers, customers can go straight to the machine and serve themselves. You can also have a payment system integrated into the machine so they can pay for the drink at the machine.

Earn an additional profit

Even if you sell your drinks at a very low price, when buying your Coffee Machine, you will receive your free drinks with it which is usually between 1000 to 2000 drinks. So, if you sell at £2 per drinks that will pay for the machine itself. Any drinks after this will be a profit to the business.

Increase returning customers and daily footfall

Offering this type of reliable service will always bring returning customers through the door again and again. The ‘New Product’ will increase your footfall as the word gets round the community to taste your delicious coffee. The product will then prove how good it is to bring your new customers back to be returning customers.

Little training needed and low maintenance

Our coffee machines are so user-friendly you can so make them a self-service machine is exactly what customers can do.