Macco & Carimali Commercial Coffee Machines

Macco & Carimali Commercial Coffee Machines

As one of the main UK suppliers of macco & carimali machines I find it shocking that we still haven't blogged about this! But, I suppose I only have myself to blame. Although, better late than never and finally the time has come to tell you why we believe carimali machines are the best!

With 98 years experience we trust our friends in Italy at Macco & Carimali to deliver consistent quality and innovation. With machines ranging from the old fashioned and reliable traditional commercial coffee machines all the way to the modern touch screen android machines we can assure you of quality.

Take the armonia MX4 softtouch for example, this machine offers unbeaten quality and affordability. But, with all the quirks of a £10'000+ machine for considerably less!

As a minimum you can expect.

  • An android based touch screen interface for extremely easy programming and even easier cleaning!
  • A steam wand to cater for customers who require a different milk, such as soya.
  • Plus it's an extremely good looking machine.

So with macco & carimali commercial coffee machines from £25 Per week why not give me a call today and let's get you the great coffee you deserve. 0800 035 5584