5 Reasons Why Coffee Machines Are Essential In Schools (plus our top picks)

Coffee machines for schools - an investment, not a luxury.

At Coffee Seller, we have supplied many schools across the UK with coffee machines, situated in teacher staff rooms, sixth form areas and pupil canteens. They are very popular with staff and students alike, providing many benefits to schools for a range of reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend schools to invest in a coffee machine...



Schools are businesses, so looking for ways to raise extra funds is important. Coffee machines can be set up to charge per cup and in turn, help you profit from this.

With an average of 986 pupils in a UK secondary school (as of 2020), this presents the opportunity to make £1000 a day by charging just £1 a cup. 

Of course, not every student or member of staff will buy a coffee or tea, but those who do may have multiple throughout the day, so making this sum of money can be super easy. It quickly adds up so the next school event is already paid for!

Buying a coffee in school for £1 rather than from a local coffee shop will save students and pupils so much money too which in turn will make the school coffee machine more appealing.



A coffee machine on-site at a school provides convenience while preventing safeguarding issues by keeping pupils within school grounds. 

Students and staff using the coffee machine will not only be saving money but time too as there is no longer the need to leave the premises during break time.

Safeguarding is of utmost importance to schools and staff must be able to ensure their safety during school hours, especially during break times. If you have refreshments on-site that students enjoy - such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate - they do not need to leave the premises for this.


Did you know, the refreshments selection at any event can create that first impression instantly? And this works at school events too. It may seem trivial to offer a coffee and biscuit, but this is the type of thing people remember. 

Whether it’s for an open day or a parents’ evening, making your guests feel looked after during their visit is essential in creating that fantastic impression of your school. If parents/guardians feel looked after, it can be a reflection on how you look after their children.

Provide parents and carers with a high quality hot drink from the schools’ automatic coffee machine when they arrive. Having high quality hot drinks makes a huge difference compared to serving cheap instant coffee using an urn.


You may not think it, but a coffee machine will save you so much money on electricity and water compared to other ways of serving hot drinks to students and teachers.

A school coffee machine is a great alternative to a huge water boiler/urn that is sitting and heating water constantly throughout the day. The power used for this is so much higher than am automatic coffee machine!

It will also help you save water as it will be used as and when the coffee machine makes the drink, with no need to throw unused water away. Water is not kept heated in the handfill water tanks on some coffee machines, so the amount of water wasted and the amount of power used is much much less.

You also have the opportunity to save on waste too. Depending on where the coffee machine is situated in the school, you don’t need to use disposable takeaway cups. Staff rooms are the ideal place where you can encourage reusable mugs, flasks and cups. Takeaway cups may be the better option if the coffee machine is situated in a student canteen, but encouraging recycling of them is essential.


It is common knowledge that children shouldn’t consume a lot of caffeine and offering them coffee could sound like a bad idea. However, think of it this way - serve ONLY decaf coffees in the pupil canteen, so you can moderate their caffeine intake on a daily basis. 

A recent study was conducted by BMJ Open that found up to ⅓ of UK children drink at least 1 energy drink a week, with some having them almost every day. BBC News states “A single can might contain more caffeine than a double espresso.” 

High and frequent consumption of energy drinks can lead to poorer mental and physical health leading to worsened academic performance. A coffee machine in school offers the healthier and safer drink options for pupils compared to heavily caffeinated energy drinks. 

You do not have to serve decaf coffees to moderate caffeine intake, chain coffee shop drinks actually contain quite high levels of caffeine, which is not recommended for children. 

In addition to this, there is no added sugar or artificial flavours in the ingredients used in a coffee machine. All ingredients are pure, whether they’re fresh beans and milk or granulated coffee and milk.


One of the most important things you need to do is offer options for a range of dietary requirements and personal tastes. People expect their preferred drink to be available even in the smallest of coffee shops, so a school canteen/staff room should do the same. 

Almost all of our coffee machines at Coffee Seller display a large menu of hot drinks, consisting of a range of coffees as well as hot chocolate and hot water for tea.

Dairy-free options should also be available to students or teachers with a dairy-free diet. This can be done with a fresh milk coffee machine where the milk can be switched between within seconds.



With a wealth of machine types, sizes and models, your budget can be met perfectly. Whether you are looking to lease a coffee machine for your school or you have the budget to purchase outright, at Coffee Seller we have different payment options to suit. 

Here are our top 5 coffee machines that are suitable for schools...


Instant coffee machines are great if you want to serve hot drinks at a speed. They're also easy to clean and maintain thanks to the powdered ingredients.

Matrix Mini Magnum Instant Coffee Machine

Matrix Mini Magnum Instant Coffee Machine


This is the popular instant coffee machine due to the slim width and fast serve. It is ideal if you have limited counter space and a busy area. Areas such as canteens, reception area and staff room would benefit from this reliable coffee machine. Interested? Find out more here.

Matrix Expression Instant Coffee Machine

Matrix Expression Instant Coffee Machine


This is the large version of the Mini Magnum. It's size means more ingredients can be stored in the canisters making refilling less often. Busy, fast-paced school canteens would benefit from this machine as it can keep up with the high demand. Interested? Find out more here.

Bean to cup coffee machines bring that fresher taste as the beans are ground for each cup. You also have the choice of fresh or soluble milk too, to present different alternatives.

Bravilor Esprecious Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


This modern bean to cup coffee machine is ideal for a staff room, small canteen and even the reception to impress visitors straight away. Easy to refill ingredients and quick to clean which makes it hassle-free. Interested? Find out more here.

Necta Krea Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Necta Krea Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


This is our most popular bean to cup coffee machine - self-service areas benefit greatly from the easy to use touch screen menu and range of drink options. You can customise the lighting too to match school colours. Interested? Find out more here.

Carimali Armonia Ultra Bean to Cup Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

Carimali Armonia Ultra Bean to Cup Fresh Milk Coffee Machine


This coffee machine creates that coffee shop quality from the press of a button, so if you're looking to offer that top standard to your pupils and/or staff, this is perfect. With up to 2 bean hoppers and 2 instant canisters, a whole range of options can be made. Interested? Find out more here.

It doesn't matter where it is situated, whether it is for teachers in the staff room, pupils in the canteen or for visitors in reception, there are many reasons why all schools should consider investing in a coffee machine.

Not only will a coffee machine make profits, you can ensure your students' safety, increase inconvenience, provide healthier drinks options and be environmentally friendly. You can create that great first impression and serve everyone's favourite drink too!

Get in touch via our contact form here and our reps will provide expert advice with options to suit your school's needs perfectly.