Coffee Machine In A Salon? - 5 Benefits

Hair, beauty, and spa clients want to look and feel good. In order to fulfill that luxurious experience, salon owners need to look after them from the minute they enter. We recommend a coffee machine.

You may be wondering: but how does a coffee machine benefit a hair and beauty salon?

High-quality coffee = high-quality service


The beauty industry is a very attentive and welcoming industry, where clients should feel like they’ve been treated like a celebrity. A lot of salon owners focus on the quality of the beauticians, hair stylists, nail technicians etc and forget about the service as a whole when the client is waiting. This is where a salon coffee machine comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why your nail, hair, beauty salon and spa should have a coffee machine...


Spend More Time With Clients and Less Time Brewing Up

By having an automatic coffee machine in your nail salon, spa or hairdressers you can serve delicious cups of coffee and tea in no time. The main benefit of a coffee machine in a salon is how quick and convenient it is - you press a button and your coffee is made! This is ideal on a busy weekend when clients are booked in back-to-back with hardly any time to spare. This way you can still offer and serve coffee and tea without wasting any time.

Your client’s tea or coffee can be made and served within a few minutes; a huge reduction in time wasted compared to brewing up with a standard kettle which can take up to 10-15 minutes. The Matrix Mini Magnum is an instant coffee machine that can produce a range of high-quality coffees in under 1 minute! 


Serve Consistently High Quality Coffee To Clients

Another advantage of an automatic coffee machine in your salon is the consistent high standard of drink in every single cup. There’s nothing worse than the pressure of getting your clients’ brew order just right. Everyone has their preference of how milky or strong they like their coffee, so with a coffee machine you have a whole range of coffees for them to choose from to cater to everyone’s tastes *phew*.

Coffee machines are programmed to make a specific drink exactly the same every time and paired with high quality ingredients, every cup is the excellent. Especially compared to supermarket-bought instant granules!


Offer Your Clients A Range of Hot Drinks

A lot of coffee machines don’t just make coffee, they serve a variety of hot drinks too. The classic cappuccino, latte, americano, flat white and ristretto are always available; many coffee machines can make hot chocolates and chocolate-coffee hybrids like mochas too. With the hot water tap, you can make cups of tea too and even include fruit tea. Not only are you offering superior hot drinks, but a whole range of them.

The Bravilor Bonamat Sego L has one canister for coffee beans and one for instant ingredients for hot chocolate. This way you can serve coffee and hot chocolates without the need of extra machines.


Meet The Highest Hygiene Standards

When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen kettle? When was the last time you replaced your kettle? We’re guessing it was quite a while ago. One great thing about coffee machines is that you have to clean them regularly to ensure they work properly (check out our blog on caring for your coffee machine). This means you can guarantee the utmost hygiene is ensured with every cup.

Despite what you may think, the cleaning process is not very time consuming - a lot of automatic coffee machines have auto-cleaning systems where the user simply presses a button and it cleans itself! Doing this at the end of every day is super quick and can be done while the salon is being cleaned. You can ensure you start the next day with a completely clean coffee machine in your salon and serve delicious drinks to your clients.


No Need For Plumbing or Lots of Space 

There are so many coffee machines don’t need mains water connection and instead use a hand filled water tank. This means there’s no plumbing needed and it can be installed anywhere on the premises. With a hand fill water tank, all you need is a tap to refill it, so this means you don’t necessarily need a kitchen either. If your salon is small or you don't have kitchen facilities you can still have a coffee machine!

Many salon coffee machines are smaller than you expect to fit on worktops easily without taking up a lot of room. If you don’t have extra surface space we can build base units to suit too. One great example of a tabletop coffee machine that isn’t too big or heavy is the Necta Koro Max Prime. This bean to cup machine is great if you don’t have a lot of space while still offering the range of hot drinks.


Get A Coffee Machine For Your Salon

Your clients must feel like they're the most important person in the salon from beginning to end. Install an automatic coffee machine in your salon or spa to complete the whole luxurious experience.

At Coffee Seller, we supply a huge range of coffee machines for salons, hairdressers and spas while tailoring packages to suit your business needs. Depending on your requirements, space and budget, we have bean to cup and instant coffee machines, with options of fresh or powdered milk and the choice of mains water connection or a handfill tank. Not only can we provide a coffee machine to suit your salon perfectly, but the stock and accessories to go with it.


If you want to upgrade your clients' experience in your salon or spa, get in touch with Coffee Seller for an automatic coffee machine. Our expert sales reps are available to give you any advice you need, over the phone - 0800 035 5584 - or on an appointment. You can contact us to arrange this or any other information you need here.