7 Ways You Can Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds!

Did you know coffee grounds have a number of different uses? Something all businesses are wanting to do nowadays is to reduce waste as much as possible and when you have a coffee machine (especially a traditional one), coffee grounds are one of the few things that produce a lot. From cleaning and cooking to health and beauty, there are countless things coffee grounds can be used for. Continue reading to find out the ways you can reduce your waste and you'll be taking them home to do something useful with!

Gardening shovel in soil


Coffee grounds contain several key minerals that are not in the soil already. Sprinkling them and fertilising your flower beds in your garden can help boost your plants' growth, you'll be showing off to all of your neighbours with the best garden! The grounds are also good at attracting worms which are an important part of your garden lifecycle to keep your plants healthy!

Shovel scooping up compost


If you don't need to fertilise your garden straight away, another good use for coffee grounds is for home composting. A study by PubMed Central found compost with coffee grounds and kitchen waste in was richer in nutrients than compost with normal waste alone. This means you can keep the compost for when you need it and you can always ensure it is going to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Close up of a snail


Coffee grounds contain high amounts of caffeine and diterpenes, which are highly toxic to insects. This means you can use it as a bug repellent for your garden or anywhere you want to keep the bugs out of! It deters mosquitos, fruit flies and beetles and stops slugs and snails nibbling on the leaves too. so you can keep your garden fresh and pest-free. 

Dog wet after being washed


Coffee grounds can be used for a few things on your pets, making them useful and cost-effective. If your dog has fleas, you can use the grounds to rub into their fur after shampooing (you need to make sure to rinse thoroughly after). Some people also say it can make their fur shiny and soft too - an extra benefit! Spreading the grounds around your garden will stop cats from pooing on your plants too.

Spraying cleaning solution and wiping surface


Mixing coffee grounds with bicarbonate of soda makes a perfect alternative to harsh chemicals for cleaning around your house. You can also use the grounds to help scrub away stubborn stains on work surfaces. You do have to be careful with this as it can stain surfaces if it is quite concentrated because of the strong colour.

Using exfoliater scrubbing legs


A good exfoliating scrub is a mixture of coffee grounds with coconut oil or similar. It helps stimulate the skin cells for smooth and healthy-looking skin. Who wants to pay extra for posh scrubs when you can make your own with your leftover coffee!

Meat marinated in coffee served on a plate with vegetables


This may be an obvious one, but marinading your meat in coffee can give it gorgeous flavours. Coffee with chilli or chocolate is also a delicious combination to add that little bit of a different flavour for a change. After cooking garlic, putting the grounds in a tub or bowl can help to eliminate the odours so your house doesn't smell all day!

Now you know some creative ways to use your coffee grounds, you can reduce the amount you throw away and re-use it for some helpful things around the house! Share these tips with your colleagues and before you know it, everyone will be taking it home to do all sorts with it! There is nothing better than recycling something and using it as a cheap alternative while helping to save the planet with less waste!