Coffee Seller's Black Friday Discount!

Black Friday is less than a week away and here at Coffee Seller, we want to treat our customers with discount! If you're looking for a new machine or are ready for ordering some new ingredients, this week is just the week to do so!



This year for Black Friday, we are offering a 10% discount on ALL of our JURA machines online! All you have to do is use the discount code BLACK10 to get the discount and the 10% will be taken off automatically!

This offer is valid for our whole range of JURA coffee machines:

JURA GIGA X3C Commercial Coffee Machine
JURA GIGA X3C Gen 2 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine
JURA WE8 Domestic Coffee Machine
JURA WE8 Bean to Cup Domestic Coffee Machine
JURA JX8 Commercial Coffee Machine


JURA JX8 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine
JURA GIGA X8 Commercial Coffee Machine

JURA GIGA X8 Gen 2 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine

JURA is described with the following 6 words: Innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability and service. Coffee machines from JURA are always associated with providing the best coffee, simple operation and a stunning design that fits in with any workspace. 

Our whole JURA range is bean to cup coffee machines for one simple reason - coffee beans produce better tasting and better quality coffee than instant coffee does. Providing high-quality, delicious coffees is a must-have in order to keep you, your staff and your customers happy! It is inevitable that you want your business to provide the best coffee to ensure you have repeat customers!



Ingredients are the most important part of having a coffee machine. What's the point of having a machine with no ingredients to put in? 

We supply high-quality ingredients to ensure your machines produce the best hot drinks every time and because here at Coffee Seller we love to look after our customers, we are offering 10% off selected products.

Our Barista range contains our customers' favourite products so, for Black Friday, we are going to offer 10% off them all! The ingredients included in this offer are...

Barista Hot Chocolate Powder

Barista Hot Chocolate Blended Drink

Barista Cappuccino Topping

Barista Cappuccino Topping

Barista Tea and Coffee Whitener

Barista Tea and Coffee Whitener

Barista Gran-U-Fresh Milk

Barista Deluxe Gran-u-Fresh 100% Skimmed Milk Powder

Espresso Essentials Milk

We have also sourced the exact ingredients for the Espresso Essentials products, so our customers are not missing out on the high-quality. Because you, our customers, love our Espresso Essentials Milk so much, we are also offering 10% off this too!

If you think your workplace could benefit from one of these amazing Jura coffee machines, don't forget to add BLACK10 at the checkout for 10% off! If you need some more information or some advice, don't hesitate to call us on 0800 035 5584 and we will give you all the information you need to help! For the 10% discount off ingredients mentioned make sure you don't miss out to add BLACK10 at the checkout too!