Arabica vs Robusta - What's the difference?

When roasted, all coffee beans tend to look very similar. But it's whats under the skin that matters right? When it comes to coffee beans there are really only two varieties that everyone hears about - Robusta and Arabica. So what's the big deal?

To start with these beans vary in taste, cost and growing conditions. Arabica tends to have a softer and less harsh taste whereas robusta tends to be much harsher and bitter. Although, while robusta contains about double as much caffeine as arabica it is still considered to be an inferior bean to arabica.

That being said, robusta is much easier to grow as it can grow at a higher altitude, in poor soil and it is much more resistant to infection than arabica. Robusta also fruits much quicker and easier compared to arabica which takes years of nurturing to mature. Robusta is exclusively grown in the eastern hemisphere.

Because of all this arabica is much more expensive than robusta. Although, price doesn't always mean quality. The perfect cup of coffee for me and many others contains a blend of both arabica and robusta.

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