How Profitable Is A Slush Machine? 7 Ways Slush Boosts Sales

A slush machine in your business can open up so many opportunities to increase sales. You may be wondering "how can a commercial slush machine benefit my business?"

We've put together 7 ways you can increase profits with a slush machine to show you exactly why your business needs one! Here they are:

  • Introducing new products always creates interest so add slush to your menu and customers will come from all over as they're excited to try the drinks.
  • The endless combination and variety of flavours available means you can cater to anyone and everyone's taste so people will be coming straight back for more.
  • Thanks to the refreshing taste, slush is not only loved during the summer but all year round - yes even in winter people will be drinking slush because they just can't get enough!
  • Any slush drink can be turned into a frozen cocktail appealing to adults as well as children - doubling your potential customers.
  • Even with a 1-bowl slush machine, you can serve multiple flavours by simply adding the slush syrups to a neutral slush. This prevents smaller businesses with a limited budget from having to limit their options!
  • The cost of ingredients and stock is so low which means your potential profits can be so high - especially on those warmer days.
  • So many business types in different industries work well with a commercial slush machine. From petrol stations and convenience stores to children's play areas and party hire companies, to pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes!

At Coffee Seller, the commercial slush machine comes in 3 sizes - 1 bowl, 2 bowl and 3 bowl slush machine. Depending on your business' space, footfall and other requirements, one of our commercial slush machines will work for you! 

With our huge range of slush syrups your customers will never get bored! Check out our wide selection of slush syrups here.

Businesses can lease for 3 or 5 years or purchase outright our slush machines. Simply get in touch by filling in our contact form here or call us to find out more info - 0800 035 5584