Tips For Returning to Office From WFH - How To Ease The Transition

Have you been working from home for the past year but will be returning to the office soon? If you're worried about this huge transition, don't worry you're not alone!

Your routine when working from home will have completely changed since working in an office. 

There are so many things you can do to help you settle back in to that busy office environment and make you feel 'at home' even though you're not!


Set A Routine and Stick To It

As we mentioned before, we can guarantee your routine has changed drastically compared to being in the office.
Prepare yourself in the weeks before returning, and set a new 'working-in-office' routine and stick to it from day 1. This way, you will have already got used to this routine and the only change will be your location, helping you settle back in properly. 
Be realistic with your routine, by setting breaks periodically at times to reset your focus and be as productive as possible. Try getting up at the time you'll have to when commuting to the office, leaving household tasks until after your working hours and wearing office-appropriate clothes (if you haven't been already!).


Make Yourself At Home

It can be difficult when returning to the office after getting used to your home comforts.
Wearing your PJs all day, having the TV on in the background and even doing housework can be part of your working from home day. When you're in the office, unfortunately these things can't be done!
Make it feel like you're working from home at your desk, and no, we don't mean turn up in your PJs! This could be doing something as bringing in your favourite snacks to keep in your drawers or a desk mascot/plant or bring your coffee mug from home.
Some workplaces may even allow you to wear headphones which can be great for making you forget there are others around.

Be Self-Disciplined

When working on your own it can be hard to adjust and focus when you're surrounded by an office full of people. 
It's so easy to get distracted by catching up with your colleagues and it can be hard to resist gossiping but this will reduce your productivity.
One way to help you focus on work is make sure you complete a set number of tasks before engaging in a conversation, or block out set times to speak to your work mates! 
As we mentioned before, many businesses let their employees wear earphones and this is a great way to block out distracting sounds and help stay 'in the zone'.

Take Coffee Breaks

We may sound biased but taking a break for a cup of coffee is actually really important for improving focus and productivity!
Coffee has many health benefits that help do just this because of the caffeine content. This is the same with a cup of tea just with a lower dose of caffeine.
It's well known that having time away from your screen is important in helping you re-focus, and having coffee during these breaks complements this perfectly.
Stretch your legs and take a walk to your office coffee machine (if you don't have one, browse our huge range specifically for offices here) for your caffeine boost!
Remember - if you're worried, nervous or stressed about returning to the office, you're not alone! If you feel uncomfortable or anxious about anything, always speak to your manager or fellow colleagues because that's what they're there for! 
Try out our tips on how to ease this transition and you should feel a little more prepared.