Does Drinking Coffee Effect Your Productivity?

With millions of people starting every day with a cup of coffee before work, it’s easy to understand why coffee shops are always bursting with office workers getting their caffeine fix for the day ahead. Seeing how popular coffee is and how many people drink it throughout the day, makes you wonder whether it really does help you be more productive.

Office workers are coffee shops’ most regular and reliable customers, doing multiple coffee runs per office every day. Thanks to the evolution of coffee machines at work becoming more and more popular, the coffee run is much more bearable and less of a chore.


How does caffeine work?

Caffeine works by blocking the brain’s adenosine receptors (these make you sleepy), making you more alert and aware. This means the body will release more dopamine and adrenaline, so you’ll feel more focused and switched on. These are two key factors when it comes to being more productive and even small doses are effective with boosting your energy levels and alertness.


What impact does this have on being productive?

Caffeine is widely known as an effective and powerful stimulant while enhancing motor and cognitive performance, boosting short term memory, increasing the accuracy of reactions and the ability to focus attention. These are all key ingredients of productivity.

As well as these well-known benefits, studies have also found extra advantages of drinking coffee: if you drink coffee straight after first learning something, you’re more likely to remember it, as well as making people more sociable thanks to catching up with your colleagues on those coffee breaks during the day. All of which boost your mood and therefore making you get more work done.

Of course, the effects of caffeine depend on the person drinking it, their age and weight etc, as well as other factors such as dosage of caffeine in the cup, the time of day and the quality of sleep. Because of this there is no 100% certain answer, but we do know from many studies that it helps improve certain things that can help towards being productive.

When drinking it regularly, your mind could start to associate coffee with getting work done. It could be psychological and just the thought of coffee makes you feel more productive and focused. No matter whether it is the caffeine affecting your productiveness or just your mind pairing the two things together, we thin

Moderation is the key and there is no harm in a cup of coffee to start the day, but everyone has different tolerances to caffeine. Overdoing it may have negative effects on some people and how productive you are the next day.

Overall, one piece of advice from us is: don’t rely on caffeine for your productivity or use it as a replacement for proper rest and sleep. There is no solid evidence to show there is a strong link, however, it does help you stay focused and alert short term so drinking a few cups a day won't harm you!


A coffee machine in the workplace is the perfect solution to ensure everyone gets their caffeine fix, whether it's one or more cups a day! Whether the coffee is making them more productive or not, there is no harm in continuing to drink it every day.

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