The Benefits Of A Frozen Cocktail Machine For Your Business, Even In Winter

 When you think of a slush machine you instantly picture one in a corner shop, but did you know they are the next best thing for boosting your business thanks to the alcoholic touch? Slush machines are not only beneficial for convenience stores but bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs are proving to be benefiting from them too! If you own any type of business and you’re looking for something to make you stand out from the rest, continue reading to find out the benefits of a frozen cocktail machine for your business.

The combination of slush and alcohol has become incredibly popular over the past year or so, especially with people in their 20s-30s. Because of this, businesses have already started to invest in this new concept, and they are already reaping the benefits of a frozen cocktail machine. By adding a new and exciting range of drinks to your normal menu will attract consumers who want to be the first to try new things as well as people who keep up to date with trends.

With a variety of different ways to enjoy these frozen drinks, there is a choice for everyone. Either make a regular slush and add alcohol such as vodka in afterwards or use pre-made frozen cocktail slush syrups. You could even let your customers get creative and let them mix their slush flavours and alcohol to make their own!

Slush machines are usually thought to attract just a younger audience, but with this exciting alcoholic addition, it means adults are loving them just as much! Having the option for both mocktails and cocktails could be something to consider so all ages are interested in your business. Despite what you might think, these drinks are just as popular in the Winter as they are in the warmer months. This means investing in a slush machine is an all year round money maker.

Catering to your customers’ needs and ensuring they’re satisfied is a huge part of running a successful business and having repeat customers. With this addition to your menu, people who are bored with the regular alcoholic drinks you can get everywhere else will become obsessed!

So, no matter what business you own from a pub to a night club to even a cinema, a frozen cocktail machine will be just what you need to stand out from the rest and help boost your business even more!

Here at Coffee Seller, we have a range of alcoholic slush syrups available to purchase for your machine to make readymade frozen cocktails. We have syrups such as piña colada, strawberry daiquiri (a very popular choice), mojito and more! We also have the standard slush syrup available in flavours such as blue raspberry, strawberry, tropical and more, that you can use to mix with your choice of alcohol.

Do you think your business could benefit from having a frozen cocktail machine? Find out more about our slush machine here. Call us on 0800 035 5584 to speak to one of our reps who will be able to provide all the information you need about purchasing or leasing!