How To Drink Coffee Sustainably

Every day, millions of people are drinking coffee regularly at work. This means thousands of workplaces are producing so much extra waste. If it is not managed properly, a lot of money can be wasted too. People easily slip into habits too and without realising, there are many alternatives that could potentially help them save money too.

With this in mind, we have compiled a few tips on how to encourage your staff to be sustainable coffee drinkers, so you can save yourself money at the same time as saving the planet!
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Did you know only 1/400 (0.25%) of disposable coffee cups in the UK are recycled? Investing in compostable cups, such as the Kraft Double Walled Cups and encouraging your staff to recycle them will be a huge factor in helping the planet. Your coffee grounds can also be reused in many ways, check them out here.
  • OR... Use your own reusable mug – This will decrease the number of cups that are thrown away. Disposable cups will no longer need to be bought for the business - everyone just simply reuses their own mug!
  • Buy your ingredients in bulk – Building your business to be sustainable coffee drinkers, investment is needed when it comes to sourcing sustainable ingredients. Bulk buying can benefit long run with this as fewer orders are being placed, therefore fewer delivery charges will be paid for! Coffee Seller offers FREE delivery on orders £60+ so you'll be saving at least £7 every time if you do this! It will also cut out a lot of wasted packaging - another way you're saving the planet.
  • Check the packaging - Look out for labels such as “Fair Trade Certified”, “Rainforest Alliance Certified” or “Soil Association Certified” for the approved sustainable coffee. You need to ensure you are not buying cheap coffee that is unfair on the environment and farmers. Don’t be fooled by the supermarkets’ cheap offers – paying a little extra will be balanced out when you’re buying in bulk too! We have a range of products that are eco and environmentally friendly available to purchase now.
  • Ditch the convenience – Every day, 1 in 5 people are going to coffee shops, costing up to £10 a week and nearly £40 a month! A coffee machine in your workplace will encourage your staff to swap their coffee shop trip in the morning to have it at work. It will save them money and you can ensure they won't be late because of the coffee shop queues!

Taking little steps at a time encouraging your staff to become sustainable coffee drinkers will improve your business' carbon footprint and will help you save money too. We are currently in the process of making all of our own-branded coffee and milk packaging eco-friendly brown paper bags. Watch this space!