International Coffee Day - 1st October 2018

Monday 1st October marks the 4th annual International Coffee Day. International Coffee Day is a celebration of the journey coffee takes from the farm where it was grown to the cup. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO)describe it as a day to ‘honour the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee we love’.

But what does International Coffee Day mean for your business?

As a day of celebration that will surely be marked by coffee sellers large and small it is important that you use this opportunity to your advantage. Whether you see the day as an opportunity to thank your existing customer base for their loyalty or shout about the fact that you have an exciting selection of coffee’s available to potential new customers an ‘international day’ will bring with it media coverage that you can ‘piggy back’ on to, to promote your business. As a customer of Coffee Seller you are already equipped with your commercial coffee machine(s) ready to take full advantage of the day. Consider running a special promotion in store to drive additional sales through your tills. Perhaps a free coffee with every sandwich or cake purchased. Or offer a free upgrade from a small to a medium or medium to large coffee. Or even a free coffee for every customer?!?

Why should I give away products that I can sell and make money from?

People love the word “free”. The prospect of getting something for nothing can be a joyous feeling and this is certainly a feeling you want your customers to associate with your business. The key to offering a freebie promotion is to see what lies beyond that initial exchange.

Social Media

A freebie creates a buzz whether that be online or in the real world. You can promote your special freebie promotion on your social media channels and website ahead of International Coffee Day to let customers know about what you are offering to mark the day in advance. That way they can plan to visit you as opposed to one of your competitors. However, when they visit you to collect their freebie they also pick up a sandwich for their lunch later on or a cake to accompany their coffee or perhaps even a cup of tea for their colleague. After all, their coffee is free, so why not splash out on something else?

Feel free to use the graphic below to boost your sales!

Free coffee for international coffee day

Data Collection

If you are savvy, you could even ask customers collecting their free coffee to mark ‘International Coffee Day’ to provide you with their contact details in exchange for their coffee. Once you have those contact details you can use them again and again to attract the same customer back through you doors via a free e-mail campaign using an online site like MailChimp, Get Response or ActiveCampaign.

Passing Trade

Another scenario to consider is the impact of your freebie promotion on passing trade. The offer of a free coffee in the window might be enough to encourage someone who has passed by your business on numerous occasions only to go and purchase their regular brew from your competitor down the street, to stop and come through your doors. Once inside they see what else is on offer and try your coffee. They soon realise that your coffee is as good as (if not better than) where they ‘usually’ buy from. Subsequently, this person who would have previously passed you by, now calls in the next time they pass by and again and again, until they become one of your regular customers!

Word of Mouth

And finally, picture the scene…Jonny goes into the office with his free cup of coffee that he collected from you on his way into work. As he got the coffee in-hand for free, he is feeling particularly pleased with himself and subsequently informs Janice on reception about his exciting freebie on his way past and also tells Clare and Tim in the office about the great deal he just picked up on his way into work.  Janice, Clare and Tim all excited at the thought of a freebie ditch their current plans and head to you instead, after all they're coming to collect their free coffee! However, whilst instore, each of them decide to buy something to accompany their coffee. Not only are you picking up sales that otherwise would not have come your way, but Jonny on his way through the office has promoted your business to anyone who would listen and sent 3 new customers through your doors. The knock on effect is that Janice, Clare and Tim also wax lyrical about their free coffee throughout the day, encouraging more and more people through your doors.

If you combine any of the three scenarios above with a data collection process to collect the e-mail addresses then you have produced a list of people who you can reach out to with your latest offers and promotions next time you want to drive further sales through your doors, the value of which far outweighs the wholesale cost of the free coffees you give away on International Coffee Day.

So, why not plan a promotion in your business this International Coffee Day? Use the opportunity to promote your business on a global platform alongside some of the biggest brands.

If you do not already have a commercial coffee machine in your business, get in touch with the team at Coffee Seller today and start reaping the benefits of selling hot beverages now! With options to buy or lease a wide selection of machines, Coffee Seller can provide you with the perfect Commercial Coffee Machine for your business.

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