Jura Giga Coffee Machines - Best on the market?

Coffee Seller is a JURA authorised distributor for the UK. We are proud to present you with the JURA Giga Professional range!

Could this be the best-looking coffee machine on the market? We think so! 

JURA coffee machines are well-loved across all industries as they work so well in so many different environments. Not only do they look high-tech, they work just as well with high functionality and reliability.

JURA Giga X3C Commercial Coffee Machine JURA Giga X8 Gen 2 Commercial Coffee Machine
From the JURA Giga commercial coffee machine range, we supply the JURA Giga X3c and JURA Giga X8. 


Why do we love JURA Giga professional coffee machines so much?

  • Digital interface makes it extremely easy to use so staff and customers can use it just as easily
  • Maintenance is so easy - all you need to do is complete a cleaning cycle to flush through the pipes at the end of the day
  • Choose from handfill water tank or mains water connection - whatever suits you best!
  • You can offer a wide variety of drinks which can all be personally customised to suit your preferences, such as strength, brewing temperature, grind and milk consistency
  • Running on fresh milk means you can use non-dairy milk, perfect for catering to your Vegan customers 
  • The modern and sleek design works well in any workplace, no matter whether it is an office staff room or a coffee shop!
  • Bean to cup coffee machines grind the coffee beans to produce the most delicious fresh hot coffee


Currently, Coffee seller is offering all of the Jura Giga range with free installation and we will guarantee to match any legitimate price. 

Coffee Seller only supplies Generation II models. They are all UK specified machines, direct from JURA, with the official JURA warranty. All equipment sourced from European or oversea distributors, will NOT be covered under the JURA warranty scheme.

Visit the Giga range on our website here or call us now on 0800 035 5584 to discuss finance options.